A Glimpse into the Gemini (May 21-June 20) 

The time of the Gemini has arrived so make sure you are ready for some excitement! Gemini babies are some of the most energetic people, mentally and physically. They love to talk and have constant projects under their belts, so prepare yourself for some wittiness. Having a Gemini friend is interesting and exciting because of their adventurous mentality and willingness to dish out some insight. Gemini’s are also an independent clan and relish their freedoms. To love a Gemini is quite stimulating because they always need to be kept interested. They need a partner with a quick mind and someone who can keep up with their creativity and imagination. However, Gemini’s are known to have a split personality or can be wishy washy with decisions. You’ll never know what “Twin,” will show up to the party. 


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