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Benefits of Journaling

Do you keep a journal? We have so many beautiful journals at the shop to inspire you to start or to continue on your journaling journey! Journals make a great gift for a friend who plans to travel, has been through a life changing experience or is on a personal quest. It can improve your creativity, strengthen your mind, improve your memory and motivate self-growth. I use mine mostly for to –do lists but I still enjoy having a nice way to keep myself organized. Check out some of our journals when you visit the shop!

  1. Journaling let’s your mind wander and allows you to be creative. It exercises your brain and sometimes people forget that our bodies aren’t the only thing we need to be strengthening.
  2. Journaling releases your emotions and feelings. Stress often comes from emotional blockage so writing down your thoughts and feelings could be a great stress reliever.
  3. Journaling lets you get to know yourself better. It helps you recognize your weaknesses, strengths, which in turn lets you be more comfortable and learn to love yourself.
  4. Journaling can be a way to document memories that you can look back on and read later. It is a way to paint a picture of your life in your own words. It can be really refreshing to look back on your own thoughts and to realize how much your mind has grown since then.
  5. Journaling can improve your self-growth. It can help you discover how to tackle problems. When you write you are telling a story, an experience etc. that has a lesson to learn.

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