Blog: Filling the Space

Yesterday marks the first day of construction on the store since the storm. It was said that the roof will be the first thing fixed and by the end of renovations, Quarter Moon’s cottage will be more safe and sturdy. As volunteers and staff members were packing up the store and saving merchandise for the past few days, the store gradually became the most empty it has been probably since it was first opened. The cottage appears to be a blank space, but it still remains a space with promise and has already been exposed to new ideas of the future Quarter Moon. It is more of a blank slate than an empty room. 

This is how the store was left after packing was completed. We have merchandise safely stowed for our pop-up store this Tuesday night at Krews De Gras. All of us at Quarter Moon have embraced this opportunity and adventure to improve the store and continue to make it a place where community and comfort is found. We are all ready to fill the space and begin a new chapter. 

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