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Blog: That Amazing Quarter Moon Fragrance

Over the years, one of the most frequent comments from our customers is that they love the way our shop smells. They tell us that their Quarter Moon clothes and even their paper bags from our shop have picked up that wonderful fragrance. We do not burn any candles or incense in the shop, so that fragrance is truly a combination of all the great smelling things we carry.

Candle Quarter Moon
Moon Spell Candle $19.95

We are excited to let you know that this year we worked with a fragrance developer to capture that scent. We sent items from our shop sealed in air tight bags so that fragrance experts could get a whiff of our shop and zero in on our scent. Over the next several months, we smelled and sampled and tweaked until we achieved what we feel is the signature scent of Quarter Moon.We named our fragrance Moon Spell. We have developed an 8 oz (60 hour burn time) natural soy wax candle and a 12 ounce fragrance oil. Shop Quarter Moon

Oil Quarter Moon
Moon Spell   Fragrance Oil $16.95

The oil can be used on the body or in a diffuser and a tiny dab can be applied to clothing to help it to maintain that Quarter Moon smell.

We have also been working with local soap maker, Nori Rubu-Mooney. We commissioned her to make a Quarter Moon soap. The soap is a work of art and crafted from natural ingredients.  It dovetails perfectly with our Moon Spell products.   All of these products are now available at Quarter Moon or on our website. We hope you enjoy bringing Quarter Moon home!Shop Quarter Moon

Soap Quarter Moon
Natural Moon Soap $9.95


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