…But do you shop local?

Good Morning!

It’s 11/11…make a wish. Am I the only one who does that?

Here is something to make you smile on this cold Monday: we gave our dog, Bentley, a bath yesterday. He hates water and can’t stand being dried with towels. BUT he gets carried like a baby back to the living room and his Kong filled with peanut butter. Ya win some, ya lose some. Please notice how fancy he is with all four of his paws crossed in the third picture. For those wondering, he’s 75% husky and 25% pitbull.

Work update: shipments are coming in like crazy…we get 4 to 6 DAILY. Come by and shop our new arrivals so we have room for more new stuff.

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Why shop local?

piggy bankThere’s a million things you can do as an individual to help the community you live in, but did you know that where you choose to shop and request services have an impact too? Studies have shown that for every $100 spent at a local business, an average of $68 remains in the local economy. And for every year over the past decade, 70% of all new jobs were created by small businesses. This is a quote from a previous Quarter Moon blog:

“…[Local businesses] build relationships and employ the services of local musicians, artists, accountants, merchants, graphic designers, printers, painters, contractors and craftspeople…They truly add interest, diversity, character and heart to our hometowns as well as greater economic health and stability.”

Basically, the local business community chooses each other every time.

Besides stimulating the economy, here’s some other reasons why you should shop locally owned:

1. They support non-profit organizations twice as much as large chains do. Here’s a list of local groups we’ve helped so far!

2. You can find such unique, well-made things in locally owned stops, some of which are one of a kind. Smaller business tend to order small-batch products that offer techniques and ingredients that aren’t seen as “cost-efficient” in mass production.

3. Customer Service: The employees know their inventory like the back of their hands. If you want something specific and we have it, we will know. We genuinely want to help you and see you walk out with a smile on your face. Smaller crowds and shorter lines also come into play for a quick, stress-free shopping experience.

4. It helps build connections within your community. Whether it’s gaining life-long friends (s/o to my QM squad <3 ) or new business to business relationships. Food Truck Thursday’s weren’t always around!

5. Often times if enough customers say they wish we carried a certain product, we will carry that product. For example, our Moon Spell Candles and Oils. Over the years, tons of customers have commented on the smell of our store. We don’t burn anything, it’s simply a mix of all of our smelly-good products. To recreate the scent, we worked with a scent developing company and let our customers pick which sample best represented the smell.

6. Last, but not least, you make your community a destination. Unique + interesting communities = more new neighbors and visitors.


We love us some Food Truck Thursday. What’s your favorite food truck!? If you can’t decide, maybe you need to go another round 😉 Personally, I get my main dish from one and my sides from a different one, gotta spread the love <3 Come out this week and dance your stresses away with Tuesday Supper Club! Details for the event can be found here.

Tuesday supper club

Thank you so much for your continued support, we appreciate each and every one of you! See y’all Wednesday.

xoxo Emily

Coming Next: Why shop Fair Trade?

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