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This past week has been stressful because fall decor and fall scented things are unavoidable. I want one of everything, but my apartment is not big enough. I have settled with mini pumpkins, mini candles, mini throw pillows, and a bouquet (or three) of fall colored flowers, haha. What’s your favorite fall decoration/scent??? Comment below!

waning gibbous

I’ve always believed the universe is the guiding force within me. It’s hard to explain why, but let me try:

Have you ever seen the same number sequence randomly throughout the day? Do you ever go some place you’ve never been and feel like you’re exactly where you’re supposed be? Have you ever seen a stray animal or fellow human struggling and felt compelled to help? Just last week, I woke up earlier than usual and decided I would walk my dog instead of taking him to the dog park like I normally do. He wasn’t too happy, but I felt like I had to walk him that morning. At the end of the street, there was a woman and her baby in a parking lot needing someone to jump start their car. I told her I’d be back as soon as I could with my car. When we got her car started, I felt a sense of “rightness” within my soul. To me, this was the universe guiding me to help someone.

We’ve always carried tarot and oracle decks at work, but I always overlooked them. I knew where they were if a customer asked about them and that’s about it. Then Katie ordered us an oracle deck to use at the store…

For the first week, I simply did one card/daily readings. Because the daily readings were so moving, I decided to do a three card (past, present, future) reading. I ended up crying tears of relief because I felt understood on a deeper level. How did I randomly choose three cards that knew what I had been through, what I was trying to work on, and tell me exactly what I wanted to know about my future? It was in that moment that this deck of cards became more than a fun thing to do to pass time.

Before we dive in, it’s important to understand the difference between the two decks.

tarot vs oracle

Now that we got the basics down, let’s get into how to do a reading.

Step 1: Choose a deck you feel a connection to. It can simply be that you’re drawn to the colors of the deck. Remember each deck is created with purpose so if you want to gain insight on dreams, it’s best to go with one related to that. This demonstration will be done using an oracle deck called The Mystic Sisters.


[wpvideo xKoz6PuB]


Step 2: Take a minute to explore the deck and pick up its energy. This can be done by shuffling through the deck and guide book. Figure out what your intention is with the deck. Is it to check on relationships in your life? What about to make sure you’re on the right track with something? It can also be that you’re just curious what the deck has to offer you.


[wpvideo yEIYHXGQ]


Step 3: Decide what reading you want to do. This is 100% up to you. While the options are endless, decks often come with guide books to help choose which best fits the situation.


[wpvideo rI4zEax1]


Step 4: Choose your cards. The number of cards will vary based on the reading you are doing. You have free-will with picking the cards. You can pick each card from the top, bottom, or anywhere in the middle. If you are doing a reading with 2+ cards, lay the cards out in order of which you draw. For this, I will do a past, present, future reading where the first card chosen represents the past, the second represents the present, and the third represents the future.


[wpvideo 3vgSSIAF]


Step 5: Once your cards are laid out, give yourself some time to resonate with them. Study the images and words (if applicable) on each card.


[wpvideo Pn5v105i]


Step 6: Find the meanings behind the cards you chose in the guide book included in the deck. You can do this one card at a time and take as long as you need understanding the information. This step can trigger many different emotions. Take a deep breath and keep in mind your intentions.


[wpvideo 2ydGPdgH]

Shout-out to fellow my Quarter Moon girl, Nikita, for helping me with these videos! Couldn’t have done it without gracious hands.

We have tons of different decks at Quarter Moon for all your tarot and oracle needs. We also have the Mystic Sisters deck for complimentary in store readings! 

The weather is gettin’ cooler, but the lineup is stayin’ hot!!! We welcome Two Foot Level to the stage this week for Food Truck Thursday! Also, we are happy to announce the return of El Criollo Grill this week after a long few months without them. Come on out, enjoy the good vibes, doggies, and stop in Quarter Moon to say hi 🙂 Details about the event are here.


Thanks for reading, see y’all next week!

xoxo Emily


COMING NEXT: The Day The Spirits Return


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