Blog: Fair Trade Matters

This holiday season, as you choose meaningful gifts for your loved ones, please consider how your gift can also have a positive impact on the lives of the people who are sharing their craft and skills with you. At Quarter Moon, we have made a commitment to searching for fair trade products, continually increasing our fair trade offerings and educating the community about the principles of fair trade and why it matters.

This year 100% of our ornaments are Fair Trade. They range from paper craft to cloth to metal work, but all are beautiful and all are contributing to the empowerment of artisans and communities across the planet. Please check with our staff to be directed to other fair trade items. We are currently working with over 20 Fair Trade companies and have jewelry, purses, crafts, scarves, hats, socks and much more to show you.

Here is a description of fair trade principles and just a few pics of our fair trade ornaments and a few fair trade gift ideas. Holiday giving is fun and can have a big impact on the lives of both the gift maker and the receiver!


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