Food Truck Thursday Feature: Valhalla Grill

Let’s face it, Food Truck Thursday is the place to be in Tallahassee on a Thursday night. Nothing beats the food truck treats, live music, or the beautiful sights at Lake Ella. Luckily for us at Quarter Moon, we have the convenience of being just a small step away from savory fries and gyros at the Valhalla Grill every week.

“[Valhalla] strives to offer our customers unique, restaurant quality food featuring flavors from around the world. We pride ourselves in using quality locally sourced ingredients,” said Beverly Rich, owner of the Valhalla food truck.  

Sandwiches are the bulk of the Valhalla menu that contain any meat from chicken to lamb, served on anything from a kaiser roll to naan. 

Chef Beverly describes Valhalla’s food as “classic sandwiches and fusion style entrees with an emphasis on Mediterranean and Indian flavors.”


Their sides are equally unique and tasty as well. Whoever thought of cheese fries is clearly a genius, but Valhalla’s poutine goes way beyond that invention. Poutine is crinkle cut french fries topped with cheese curds flown from upstate New York and smothered in housemade roast beef gravy. Quarter Moon usually smells like flavorful poutine every Thursday night. 

The Lake Ella and food truck community have come along way since our first Food Truck Thursday and cannot be more pleased by the visitor turnouts every week. 

“The move to Lake Ella has had such an incredible impact on the Tallahassee Food Truck Association and hundreds of hungry visitors that attend Food Truck Thursday each week. FTT has very quickly become a destination for eclectic finds in the unique shops, great food and a showcase for live music, all in one spot! I can’t think of another area locale that offers such amenities,” Rich said. 

We hope that this special event keeps growing every week so that everyone in town can enjoy Valhalla and the other scrumptuous food trucks just as much as we do! 

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