Great Night with Magnolia School!

One of the nicest parts of working in a business like ours is having the chance to meet so many interesting people. It is really fun to meet groups of people who have a common interest. Last night we met parents and supporters of Magnolia School at our monthly philanthropy night. Many were already our customers and some faces were new to us, but there is something really different about getting to know people as part of a larger group. You see common threads and the bigger picture starts to make more sense. The Magnolia School supporters were so kind, so good natured and happy. It makes sense that they support a school that values these qualities. At last month’s philanthropy night, we met an awesome group of energetic bubbly women who were raising money to support the Susan G Komen Foundation. Many were breast cancer survivors themselves and some were there supporting friends and relatives. Their positive and grateful spirit affected all of us at Quarter Moon and left us feeling uplifted and empowered. All of us at Quarter Moon love being able to connect with our community. Thank you for these unique opportunities to get to know you better.

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