Happy Hauntings!

Gourd Morning,

See what I did there? Haha. Anyways, lets get into it! Tonight’s moon is a new moon. You can’t see it in the sky, but you can feel the energy of new beginnings, passions, and insights arising within.

new moon


Last Friday, Quarter Moon was visited by some of the spookiest creatures during Talloween. Filled with adrenaline, they were thrilled to become mummies at our checkpoint. The rain only fueled their spirits and made them more determined to reach the finish line!

From the face paint, costume accessories, and lying to my parents about how much candy I had eaten made Halloween one of my favorite holidays as a kid. One year I was Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmations just so I could have a pretend cigarette and wear high heels. Some houses in my neighborhood had haunted mazes up their driveways to walk through to get to the candy…didn’t seem fair at the time, but I respect the passion now.

Other fond memories I have include:

  1. Carving pumpkins and having pumpkin gut fights
  2. Decorating my house inside and out
  3. Getting mini toothbrushes and toothpastes from this one house in my neighborhood (everyone hated it, but I thought it was cool).
  4. Wholeheartedly respecting the “take only one” signs in bowls of candy left unattended.
  5. Being the bobber to beat in bobbing for apples competitions


Haunted houses are my favorite thing nowadays. There’s nothing better than waiting in a long line to purposely walk through a house that’s created to make you almost pee your pants every five seconds. I’ve regretted every haunted house I’ve ever been in, but that doesn’t stop me from repeatedly going in them every year. I’ve always wondered how much time and thought goes into one of those because I get scared when my fellow coworkers come around a corner too fast (you should ask them about it, it’s pretty funny). Speaking of my fellow coworkers, here’s some pics of how we feel about Halloween:

I think it’s safe to say WE ARE HERE FOR IT and wish you a week full of scares, sweets, and memories<3

What’s your favorite thing about Halloween?? Comment below!

Still stuck on what to do for Halloween? Come out and see Pickin and Grinnin at Food Truck Thursday! While costumes aren’t required, they are encouraged :). Details for the event can be found here.

pickin n grinnin

Thanks for reading, see ya’ll in a week!

xoxo Emily


COMING NEXT: November Signs & Stones


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