Hey y’all, Emily here!

Starting a new venture is always interesting. I’ve wanted to get into blogging for years now, but life always got in the way. When Katie (the store owner) brought up the idea of rebirthing the Quarter Moon blog, I silently committed myself to the task. Those of you who know me from the store, bear with me…you know I’m awkward. For those of you who don’t, bear with me…I’m awkward.

Emily PerfectMy name is Emily, I’m a Pisces born under a waxing crescent moon (in case you cared), and I’ve worked at Quarter Moon for a little over a year now. I grew up on the east coast of Virginia, went to school on the west side of Virginia, then lived on a winery/farm in the middle…of Virginia. Needless to say, I was floored with excitement when my dad told me we were going to Tallahassee. Aside from that, my favorite food is chips and white queso (people try to tell me that it’s not food, but they’re wrong), The Office is the best show ever made, and I’m one of those people who really, REALLY wants a toned physique but refuses to go to the gym regularly and/or eat healthy.

When I first came to Tallahassee, I wanted a job I would enjoy doing. I never thought that job would be in retail. I also never thought I’d love a retail job more the longer I stayed. However, Quarter Moon was the first place that felt like home to me here. It continues to push me to be the person I want to be every day. My coworkers quickly became my second family, and now I can’t imagine my life without them.


Now that that’s out of the way, we can get into the important stuff:

After a very hot summer, I’m welcoming fall with open arms. Fall means sweaters, fuzzy hats, and football games (I’m here for the food)!!!

Classes started yesterday (yay?!) and Lake Ella is a great place to come unwind. Not only are we firm believers in retail therapy (we get it), our goal is to create a stress-free experience for you. Need a new place to study and get fantastic coffee/tea? Black Dog Café is right across the parking lot from us. Need some animal therapy? There are at least a million ducks around the lake at any given time. I wouldn’t try to pet them, though.

Garnet and Gold OutfitsRumor has it that Florida State’s first football game of the season is THIS SATURDAY??? Do you have the perfect game day outfit??? If you don’t or you’re still missing that one thing to tie it all together, come on by and check out our garnet and gold pieces! From jewelry, headbands, and clothing, we’ll get you ready. Oh, by the way, it is 100% this Saturday, I confirmed it with Google.


For those of you reading this, I hope you follow my blogging-journey and I look forward to getting to getting to know you. Feel free to introduce yourselves in the comments!

xoxo Emily

Coming next Tuesday: The Beauty of Baltic Amber

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