Mother’s Day at Quarter Moon

The Quarter Moon staff are so excited to show our mothers appreciation for all that they do. We are even more excited to help our customers do the same. Anything from clothing to crafts, our thoughtful customers have picked over the store for the perfect gift for the Mamas in their lives and its always a sweet feeling when they find it. Whether your mom loves flowers, birds, or wears as they may call “hip” jewelry, we are good at our job as gift specialists. 20140510-224522.jpg

Lake Ella is the perfect location to spend the day with your mom. There are so many sights to see such as the gazebo, friendly ducks, and the sunbathing turtles. There are also several of Tallahassee’s best local businesses surrounding the lake! The addicting snow cones from Big Easy Snowballs are a Lake Ella must have, or if your mother enjoys coffee or tea, The Black Dog Cafe is always welcoming. And of course, our fellow Cottage Shops are always fun to peruse! We hope to see you tomorrow or in the near future. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!


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