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If you come by the shop this week, don’t forget to wish our flower crown wearin’ queen a happy birthday! For those of you who know her, you know she’s special. From being an intern to taking over as owner, her Quarter Moon journey is proof that if you work hard enough, you can achieve anything. She inspires me to push myself every day and be the best person I can be. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATIE! We love you dearly and hope you have a beautiful birthday<3


Here’s some information on the moon tonight:

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FSU plays NC State this Saturday during Family Weekend! Kick off is at 7:30pm so you have even more time to get your game day essentials. Stop by the store to check out our garnet & gold!

Organization is more than you think:

My dad always says, “work smarter, not harder,” which I used to laugh off because I took pride in being a hard worker. A few years ago, I went through this phase where I’d lose my keys every time I set them down because the hook by my door I used fell off. I swore they had legs or I had a funny ghost in my house. It would ruin my good moods and make me so frustrated. Then I got a new hook and it changed my life. It saved me so much stress every time I left my house. I could literally hear my dad saying, “told ya so” in my head. Working smarter and not harder quickly became less about physicality and more of a mindset. From there, I made the decision to organize my home better to prevent unnecessary stress and anxiety.

I started by creating space on my wall for a giant calendar. The trick here is to place it somewhere you know you’ll see it every day. One wall calendar turned into me having a “to do” list pad  and/or mini calendar next to my bathroom mirror, on the fridge, and in other very obvious spots around my home. This was particularly important for school because every time I walked into a room I was reminded of upcoming assignments and exams. Some may say this is overkill, but it helped get rid of the endless “what if I forget to do ________.” I noticed my stress levels went down because everything I had to do was right in front of me. It helped me stay on top of things.

Making the transition from school to no school was difficult because I had so much down time. It was nice at first, but doing “nothing” made my anxiety worse. I decided to get off my butt and start a new daily routine. I got a new calendar and new “to do” lists because my old ones were dedicated to school. With a clean slate, I started coming up with daily chores and tasks I could do to fill up my time. Within the first week I felt less anxious and more productive than I had in awhile.

School or no school, if your mind is constantly flustered things you need to get done, here are my steps to become more organized.

Step 1: Clear your mind by taking everything out on a Dammit Doll. They come in various prints so you can choose one that suits you.img_5323_facetune_23-09-2019-15-50-34

Step 2: Take some time to write out why you want to be organized and how it would improve your life. It probably seems silly, but you have a better chance of sticking with it if you make it personal. Write down your goals, ideas, etc., and who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new hobby.

Step 3: Gather your supplies.

Step 4: Don’t be afraid to mess up the pages! Organization can be messy at first (as ironic as that is). It’s going to take a couple tries to get into the swing of things. Trust me, you learn to accept the hatred you have for your own handwriting.

Organization is more than a neat house and pretty planners to me. Though these things help, it’s the idea of living intentionally and productively. It’s a way to put the million things to do in your head on paper so you have a fair chance of getting them done. It’s a way to schedule your time out so everything gets done when it’s supposed to. And it’s a way to feel good about the little things you do (i.e. finally dropping the box of goodies you’ve collected over the months at the thrift sore, finishing something you started like laundry, or even simply watering your plants on time).

Come out and help Katie celebrate her birthday week with FRANK JONES BAND this Food Truck Thursday! Details about this event are here.

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As always, thanks for reading & see y’all soon!

xoxo Emily

COMING NEXT WEEK: October Signs & Stones


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