QM takes Atlanta: Day 2

Shopping for the store proved to be a big adventure. The show consisted of 13 floors full of vendors that were selling amazing products and it was our job to look through them…well as many as time would allow. From 9 am to 6 pm we picked up everything from sundresses to sweaters for fall, and even checked out some lovely jewelry pieces. It was a shopaholics dream. 

We try our best to sift through as many clothes as possible. Sometimes we looked through racks together and other times we divided and conquered the vendor booth. In the end we all came together and sorted out what we wanted. Our favorites from today mostly included cozy sweaters and unique game day attire. We are so excited for everyone to see it all! 

After the show we had a much needed dinner break. Some of us got American cuisine at a brewery,  which had delicious veggie sliders and chicken and pasta dishes. Also, drinks all around. 

Even though the show was exhausting, we feel super accomplished and are in love with our upcoming products. Going from vendor to vendor, rack to rack things start to blend in, but we felt confident with all of our choices and feel that everyone will love love love them as much as we do. Tomorrow we hit the show for a few hours again and then say good bye to Atlanta. It’s been a great and productive day here in this beautiful city! 


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