The Tree Heard Across Tallahassee

A tree fell on the Quarter Moon cottage this past Tuesday. Tallahassee experienced a storm with winds up to 70 mph and the store was its victim. The tree crashed from behind the store, from the North Monroe Street side, splitting the roof and cracking the store’s ceiling on the inside. Two of us were working when it happened. We were looking out the window facing the lake, watching the dumpster’s lid opening and closing frantically. Seconds later, there was a loud crash and the store shook. Ceiling debris fell around us and the lights flickered. We looked back out the window and saw the top of the tree lying across the roof. As we were trying to make sense of what happened, we went to the back room to take shelter. It was scary, but we did not realize the severity of what just happened. 


From the back we called the owner, Wendy, but she already received word from a witness. After a few minutes passed, we decided to get out from the back. Considering it was still storming, we accessed the situation from the windows. As we peered out, a man from the barber shop ran over to the front door and urged us to leave the store immediately. We gathered our things in a frenzy, bypassed a call from a reporter, and got out. 

As we were leaving the store, Wendy appeared on the scene. We looked at the roof and the colossal tree that sat on top of it. It was unbelievable what had happened. It may have been terrifying from the inside, but looking at the damage and what became of the cottage made the whole thing devastating. Concerns of Quarter Moon being unfixable or condemned ran through our heads, but luckily that is not the case. 

In light of the event, everyone is safe and the store will be back in order in a few weeks. Wendy even has some new visions for the store, making it better than ever. Each of us has come out of the situation in high spirits and with motivation to get the store back on its feet. We are very thankful for everyone’s safety and the support we have received from the community. Like Wendy said to us, “It could have been a lot worse.” 

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