Blog: Keeping QM alive through pop-up shops

It was hard imagining life without working at Quarter Moon after the storm, even if it was just for a couple of weeks. As it turns out, we have all been working extra hard and even more so than when the store was open, whether it is completing orders, processing and tagging shipments, working on social media, or setting up pop-up shops at other local businesses in town. 

The first pop-up was hosted by the lively local bar, Krewe de Gras. We brought all of the clothes, including new items, as well as jewelry, accessories, incense, and some bar items from the warehouse and set up in the back room. It felt like we were back at home. It even smelled like the store. 

This week the pop-up was held at Lucy & Leo’s Cupcakery on Thomasville Rd. The chic and cozy bakery was the perfect atmosphere for our eclectic merchandise. Similar to the other pop-up, we grabbed everything from the warehouse and set up a mini Quarter Moon. We are extremely thankful for Krewe de Gras and Lucy & Leo’s for this opportunity as well as the support from the community to keep Quarter Moon alive. We have found so much kindness and goodwill at each pop-up shop. Thank you to everyone who came out to see us and contributed to them! 

We will be popping up again at Food Truck Thursday with clothes (weather permitting) and on Friday and Saturday at Midtown Manor from 12-6:30 P.M. 

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