Food Truck Thursday Feature: Julio’s Food on the Move

The Tallahassee ritual, Food Truck Thursday, is now hosted at Lake Ella every Thursday night! Our neighborhood welcomed the event three months ago and we couldn’t be more excited that it is now in our neck of the woods. All of us at Quarter Moon love grubbing at the food trucks when they start serving around 6 pm, and we are always dancing when the band plays at 6:30. 

One food truck out of seven that participate, Julio’s Food on the Move offers anything from burgers and fries to beans and rice. 

“I always liked cooking and being around people,” Julio, the owner of Juilo’s Food on the Move said. 

The Quarter Moon staff loves Julio’s fries and are crazy about his beans and rice. Not only is the food something to rave about, but his food “truck” is also very unique. 

The truck is actually a trailer that used to be a camper; it is a silver 1968 Land Yaht that is made out of aircraft aluminum. Julio was generous enough to let some of us look inside the trailer and it is surprisingly very spacious! 

Julio started the food truck in 2010 and loves Tallahassee because of all of the great people.

“I like talking to people and getting to know them,” Julio said. 

Julio also expressed how Lake Ella is a great location for Food Truck Thursday because of the supportive businesses and because there is always something going on at the lake. 

We think so too Julio! Don’t miss the next Food Truck Thursday. Julio and many other food trucks will be grilling and grooving! 


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