Inside the Making of a QM Lookbook

At Quarter Moon, we tend to embrace change–especially when spring is right around the corner. After the tree fell on the store in June and after renovating and redesigning the shop, we all knew that being inventive and seizing an opportunity for change was in our favor. However, the store’s makeover is not done. Considering it is the time of year for rebirth and growth, there has been a consensus between QM’s owner (Wendy) and the staff that our website also needs fixing up. Instead of having separate pages on the site for clothing, jewelry, and crafts with photo icons, we are designing a Spring Lookbook that will showcase our best items in a creative and comprehensible way. A lookbook features a collection of images and descriptions that creates a feel for the store and it’s merchandise. If you are viewing the lookbook from home or out of town, you can call the store and we can ship you the item you are interested in purchasing. Our goal is to bring QM and the shop’s eclectic vibe to you.¬†Wendy and a few members of the QM staff have started organizing photo shoots, selecting featured products, setting up scenes and editing photos. We are so excited to share our visions and new spring styles in our fresh and stimulating lookbook! Stay tuned for more updates as we continue on this journey with you.

QM staff (Alycea and Allison) with models, Selena and Courtney
Alycea carrying props to a photo scene
Alycea and Allison taking photos

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