It’s hard to say goodbye…

Sometimes time moves really slowly and sometimes a date creeps up on you so fast it can make your head spin. Today is one of those days that has been on the calendar for a long while, but it is still a shocker to all of us and we are in a bit of denial. It is Allison’s last day at Quarter Moon. Allison spent over two years with us, working a robust part time schedule while completing her Bachelors in editing, writing and social media. While many of you have been greeted by Allison as a kind, helpful, straight forward sales person behind the counter, Allison has been equally behind the scenes as our blogger, our photographer and our social media coordinator.

Here is the thing about Allison. She changed us. She made us better. Through her photos and her blog, she became our historian and fostered both our connection to our community and our connection to each other. Allison has a deep curiosity about people and a genuine interest in social change and progress. We will miss her camaraderie and excitement over our extra curricular community activities. She has been a wonderful partner in both the day to day and the bigger picture stuff too.

Tonight we will have drinks and toast to Allison’s success as she prepares¬† to find her fame and fortune in the world of publishing in New York City. There is a flock of former (but forever our family) Quarter Moon staffers who are living and working in New York. They are ready and waiting to shelter her through her big move. It makes us all happy to think of how our Quarter Moon family sticks together wherever they may be. Allison has a big heart and a great talent. New York is lucky to get her and we wish her the moon and beyond, but damn, it is hard to say goodbye. Here for you always Allison! The tribe.


Alycea and Allison taking photos




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