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Good morning everyone! I, like most people, can’t start my day until I have a cup (or three) of coffee. Other important thing to mention: I chopped my hair off this past week. At first I felt like Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but now I just feel like me. 

Food Truck Thursday this week is going to be amazing! Details at the end of this post!

When I was brainstorming blog post ideas, I really wanted to incorporate moon phases so I decided to test it out this week. Let me know what you think.waning gibbous


My Zodiac Journey:

My love for water and being surrounded by it only grew as I got older. I was and still am the first one in the pool or ocean no matter how cold. I appreciated how silent my world got as soon as I went underwater or as I watched the waves kiss the shore at the beach. I was also always the kid who was “stuck in her own head” AKA an avid day dreamer. My  life changed when I learned about zodiac signs because I am everything my sign is, a true Pisces. It also didn’t hurt that the first boy to break my heart in middle school was an Aquarius. For those of who don’t know, you’re least compatible with the signs right next to you (e.g. Aquarius and Pisces). We just weren’t written in the stars…literally. This post will coincidentally be about the sign I’m most compatible with…

The Virgin Maiden represents the sign and reminds Virgo’s to have pure intentions and desires.


Virgo’s are those born on or between August 23rd and September 22nd. Because their ruling planet is Mercury, they tend to have analytical and logical minds. These traits can be beneficial when used to improve the way things work or general problem solving. However, the same traits can be turned inward on themselves to a fault.

Some other characteristics of the sign:

  1. They are always the “honest friend,” but may have difficulty accepting the same level of honesty from others.
  2. They are equally critical of themselves as they are of others.
  3.  Family means everything to them and they will always, always help a loved one in need.
  4.  Being an Earth element, they are known for being grounded and dependable.

When I think of this sign, I think of an iceberg. Virgo’s are really good at showing “surfaced” emotions. In other words, you have no idea how they really feel. They often hide their true emotions out of fear of what others will think. With that in mind, they sometimes need a little help from their complimentary stone, Amazonite. Wearing this helps individuals with emotional expression and courage in all aspects of life.


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Next on the agenda is to express my love for Blue Sapphire- the September birthstone.

Back in the day, it was thought that Sapphire was blessed by the Gods and was mostly worn by priests and kings. It is known to protect against evil spirits and is commonly used in healing rituals that require channeling energies from a higher power. Most of these rituals involve releasing individuals from spiritual blocks.

One of the most intriguing characteristics of Blue Sapphire is how it interacts with our dreams. I’ve always, always been obsessed with dreams and trying to interpret mine. If you’re like me, you keep a journal by your bed and wholeheartedly know the importance of scribbling down everything you remember within the first three seconds you wake up no matter how bad you have to pee. It’s one thing to know what happens in your dreams, but it’s another thing to understand why and how we dream what we dream. Sapphire helps us retain and process our dreams to understand them in a conscious state. Basically, it makes it okay to go pee before scribbling down dreams in the morning.


Aside from the healin’ and dreamin’, Sapphire is known to:

  • Help sleep disorders (e.g. insomnia)
  • Improve self awareness and resolve insecurities
  • Support honest communication with oneself and with others
  • Aid with forgiving and rebuilding trust

I’d like to dedicate the “Blue Sapphire” portion of this blog to my mom, it was her favorite stone. May she rest in peace.

As promised: THE RACHEL HILLMAN BAND IS PLAYING FOOD TRUCK THURSDAY THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!! We’re also excited to announce the addition of TWO new food trucks- Falafel Grill and Funkalicious! To learn more about the event, click here!

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Rachel Hillman Band


Thank you so much for reading, see y’all next week!

xoxo Emily

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