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How an idea turned into a lifestyle: 

Ever since I saw that picture of the sea turtle with a plastic soda ring around it’s neck, I loved the idea of living a more sustainable life, I just had no idea where to start. I decided to start researching and quickly learned I already had some sustainable habits. Some of them I’ll list below:

  1. I am an avid second-hand shopper and I donate regularly.
  2. Making my own skincare from organic oils because my skin hates everything else.
  3.  I hate getting mail, so I always opt into paperless bank statements, bill updates, etc.
  4. Using natural-based or DIY cleaning supplies and laundry soap (mainly for my skin). S/O to baking soda and vinegar!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I’ve always preferred tap water so I tend to hoard reusable bottles.
  6. Red meat and dairy started giving me problems so I cut back on those a lot.

My habits were selfish. I wasn’t thinking about the turtles when I spent months trying to find the perfect mix of oils for my face. BUT this got me motivated to make changes WITH the turtles in mind.

All of the “100 ways to be more sustainable” lists online overwhelmed me. So many things to change! Feeling defeated, I decided to ask my coworker about her sustainable life journey- meet Andrea!


What inspired you to make the transition?

Most of my friends in high school lived environmentally friendly and vegan lifestyles. They taught me a lot about how and why they live sustainably. I was also introduced to @trashisfortossers, who I’ve been following for years, and she lives an inspiring zero-waste life. Seeing people live a life they were so passionate about made me want to do the same.

How did you start?

My first step was an easy one. I made sure I had a reusable water bottle with me at all times. From there I began to swap my life essentials with more sustainable versions. My toothbrush is now bamboo, I remove my makeup with a “magic eraser,” and I carry around my own straw and utensils. It’s okay to start slow!

Where and how do you shop?

It’s important to shop at places that allow you to feel comfortable and align back with your lifestyle. Clothing wise, I try to shop secondhand in order to not create any more textile waste. If secondhand items aren’t an option, choosing sustainably sourced or fair trade items are my go to. Grocery shopping can be difficult when plastic is your sworn enemy. I try to shop at places that allow me to buy bulk and bring my own containers, like Lucky’s Market. It’s important to remember to ALWAYS carry a reusable bag with you. A lot of fresh produce doesn’t even need a bag!

What do your friends think?

My friends actually really love the sustainable life I live. Many of them have even adopted certain habits from me to avoid unnecessary waste.

Do you think it’s worth it?

Of course! Even though I’m one person, I still think I can make a difference and living by your morals is important.

Any tips for beginners?

  1. Recycling correctly is KEY! My experience in Tallahassee has been a hard one but if your area has a recycling program, be sure to google what items they do and don’t accept because it’s not the same everywhere. Lots of public areas have recycling bins, but again, make sure to note what items the bin is collecting. Putting incorrect or dirty items into the bins will most likely cause it to be thrown into the trash due to “contamination.”
  2. Always carry your reusable water bottle and bags.
  3. Say no to stuff you don’t need. Refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle!
  4. Pack your own lunches and snacks from home.
  5. Opt for the paper bag and cardboard packaging.

With Andrea’s journey in mind, I decided to look at where I waste the most- the kitchen. More specifically plastic bags, aluminum foil/plastic wrap, and paper towels. I dusted off my reusable paper bags from under my bed and headed to Quarter Moon for my other sustainable alternatives (I can’t stay away, it’s literally my second home).

Bee’s wrap is made from organic cotton and sustainbly sourced bee’s wax. It’s a great plastic wrap alternative and is 100% biodegradable! Don’t be like me and ruin your first pack by washing in hot water.  
Swedish Dish Cloths AKA reusable paper towels absorb more than 15 times their weight. They are textured more like a sponge in case you gotta scrub!

The beautiful background of the above pictures is a Kantha quilt. Made in India from repurposed cotton saris, Kantha products will add a pop of color and culture to any room. My house is slowly turning into a Kantha Kingdom…sorry not sorry.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned about my transition is that baby steps are still steps. It’s okay to make one change and feel great about it. I still have to stop myself from reaching for the aluminum foil knowing I have Bee’s Wrap!


slow low crow

Thanks for reading, see y’all next Tuesday!

xoxo Emily

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