Three cheers for our intern!

First let me say that the staff at Quarter Moon is AWESOME! Kind, Loyal, Responsible, Funny….the cream of the crop…the best of the best.  And now to top that off, we’ve  had the pleasure of working with Mandy…a Fashion Merchandising intern from FSU. Mandy wanted to experience working in a locally owned business. She had great ideas…many of which were new to me.  She introduced me to the “lookbook”. I guess everyone else knew what a lookbook was…but it was a new concept to me, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Mandy was able to present our merchandise in a way that really showed it off. So creatively styled and beautifully photographed. Three cheers to you Mandy! Great job! It was great to see the process from start to finish! Thanks too for all the models who participated! We appreciate all your work and time!

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I just wanted to let you know that I and my friend Rebekah had a blast when we were at your store today. Thanks for your help with everything, and we look forward to shopping with you again soon!

P.S. The girl that rang me up gave me a great suggestion for where to get a journal. Less than 20 minutes after that, I had found it. I guess in short, not only does your merchandise rock, but the staff’s pretty cool too.

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